The Pet Food Revolution: Gut Transformation proven by Nutriment

Long known in human nutrition, your gut and metabolism is closely linked to your overall health. We teamed with Treat Therapeutics to prove this fact is also applicable to your pet. Join us as we conduct Europe’s largest ever study into the effect of raw food on a dog’s microbiome, and why raw is the dog nutrition of choice.

What we did: 101 Dogs, 35 Days, 1 Diet

When we launched Nutriment back in 2013, we had this “gut feeling” that raw feeding is not only the most natural, but also the most digestible diet we can feed our pets. While thousands of pet owners have experienced the benefits, there hasn’t been much scientific backing into raw food and dog’s health. So… we put our recipes to the test in Europe’s biggest raw feeding microbiome study ever!

What is the microbiome?

Your dog’s gut microbiome (and yours) is an entire ecosystem living within their digestive system. It’s vital to their life, health, wellbeing, and mood. The gut microbiome contains billions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi and is as unique to your dog as their nose print.

What is the microbiome?

Each organism has a specific role, breaking down your dog’s food and producing nutrients they can absorb and use. The makeup of this gut population has been linked to health, disease, immunity, and even behaviour. So, a happy, balanced gut microbiome makes a happy, healthy dog.

What RAW brings to your dog's gut

Raw food prepares your dog for life-long health by positively improving their gut microbiome.

Our study showed that feeding your dog raw food can increase the bacteria that deliver nutrients, impacting their gut, brain, and joint health while supporting their growth and well-being.

So, make the switch to fresh, real, raw ingredients today, for a healthy tomorrow.

100% natural, high-quality ingredients for digestive comfort
100% ingredient and component transparency
Raw study proves positive gut microbiome evolution in just 35 days

Meet the kibble fed dogs, who moved to raw!

Ernie & Hannah Reynolds

“Feeling like we have a bit of the old Ernie back, his stomach is perfect, drinking far less, his winter coat has started to moult now and he has a lovely shiny soft coat coming through.”

Frankie & Jane Higgs

"He has thrived on it. His coat is more glossy, poops are firmer and reduced in quantity. Also although he still has the exuberance of a spaniel, he seems more focused especially when I am doing agility and Hoopers with him. I will definitely be continuing with a raw food diet."

Samsun & Milly

"Prior to starting Samsun would have no interest in his food…He would have a gurgling tummy, vomit bile & refuse to eat at least 1 day a week, his poos, 2 or 3 per day, were very soft or often diarrhoea. Since starting, he has eaten every single meal…& his poos, 1 or 2 per day, are hard, odourless and generally smaller. His coat is amazing, his breath never smells & his teeth look cleaner."

Who is Nutriment?

Launched in 2013, Nutriment set out to raise the bar on pet nutrition. Being the first brand to recognise that superfoods bring added benefit to the original raw food diet, Nutriment have been paving the way for raw nutrition, investing into research to launch new, innovative recipes for all dogs and cats.

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